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February 15, 2024

Cracking the Demand Generation Code: Lessons from Shree Goldman and Funko Pop Mania

Nathan McBride
Written by Nathan McBride
Content Director - O8 Agency
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For years, the Funko Pop frenzy has shown no signs of slowing down. These adorable vinyl figurines continue to captivate collectors worldwide, and marketing expert Shree Goldman faced the unique challenge of generating demand for PSA's new Funko Pop grading service. Her story transcends Funko Pops; it's a blueprint for igniting interest in a brand-new industry. One that includes psychological insights to the consumer, working with influencers, and creating a lasting demand for the service.  So gather up your favorite figurines and focus on these demand-generation strategies:

Shifting Gears: From Leads to Passion

More than just lead magnets and sign-up forms. Goldman went beyond mere lead generation. Her strategy cultivated passion. By understanding collectors' emotional investment in their Pops, she crafted messaging that resonated with their desire to preserve and enhance their value. It wasn't just selling a service; it was becoming part of their collecting journey. This was essential to ensure the continued demand for the service. 

Decoding Your Tribe: Unveiling Collector Insights

Taking an in-depth look at your target audience is crucial, and Goldman went above and beyond. She delved into the psychology of Funko Pop collectors, their preferred communication channels, and even the nuances of different sub-communities: Sports collectors and character collectors. This intimate understanding allowed her to tailor messaging, choose the right platforms (think forums and social media groups), and speak their language, not marketing jargon. 

Content that Counts: Beyond Blog Posts

Content isn't just king; it's the demand generation foundation. You really have to know your market audience and their reasons for using your service or buying your product.  Goldman created a treasure trove of valuable content: in-depth blog posts explaining the grading process, articles highlighting rare Pops, and even infographics showcasing the financial potential of graded figures. This content educated and entertained, establishing PSA as a thought leader in the Funko Pop universe.

AI: The Strategic Ally

Embrace technology, but don't let it replace your expertise. It can be easy to assume that AI and similar technologies could replace you, but professionals often use them to enhance and streamline their work. Goldman leveraged AI tools like the Gamma app to streamline content creation and maintain branding consistency. This freed up her time for strategic thinking and ensured a cohesive brand experience across all platforms. Remember, AI is a powerful tool, but your vision guides the ship.

Partnerships: Navigating the Double-Edged Sword

Influencer marketing can be a game-changer, but it's not without its challenges.  You need to be sure to choose wisely using social media analytics and be prepared to invest in the relationship for true impact. Goldman partnered with relevant influencers with a genuine passion for Funko Pops and a strong connection with their audience. However, she also acknowledges the time and effort required to build and manage these partnerships.  

Beyond Leads: The Enduring Goal

Never lose sight of your ultimate objective. While generating leads is essential, it's not the end goal. Goldman's strategy aimed to create a sustainable demand for PSA's grading service within the Funko Pop community. By building trust, educating collectors, and offering a valuable service, she ensured that the demand she created wasn't just a fleeting trend but a long-lasting phenomenon. Unlike traditional demand generation, creating sustainable demand can allow consumers to see the value in continuing to use your service/products time and time again. This makes better use of your campaign, as it continues to pay off over time. 

Shree Goldman's journey offers valuable lessons in understanding your audience, creating valuable content, and strategically leveraging innovation and partnerships. Whether you're navigating a new industry or reigniting interest in an established one, remember these demand generation strategies and get ready to ignite the fire of interest in your offering!

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