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Speaker Guidelines

Code of Conduct:

MLC is dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, welcoming, professional, harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, caste, age, religion, and any other status protected by laws in which the event or program is being held. The MLC Code of Conduct ensures we collectively create this kind of experience. This document expresses the behaviors and attitudes we expect as participants, what is unacceptable behavior, how we address unacceptable behavior, and how to ask for help if needed. All participants, including attendees, organizers, speakers, sponsors, presenters, and volunteers are required to abide by the MLC Code of Conduct. Organizers and their designated representatives will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everyone.

MLC Speaker Guidelines: 

Preface: The purpose of these guidelines is to advise speakers on the required format and delivery when preparing their Marketing Leadership Connect presentations. 

This will assist you in preparing a presentation that will allow the audience to get the maximum benefit and enable the organizers to ensure the conference is conducted smoothly for all participants. 

Speaking Guidelines: 

  • No vendors or outright selling of services.
    • This is not an opportunity to pitch your product or service, although you may lightly weave that into your presentation.
  • We are seeking real-world marketing leaders based at a company.
  • Avoid politics and any discriminatory language.
  • Speak clearly and slowly. Not all attendees are English native speakers.
  • Timekeeping is crucial: practice your presentation in advance and ensure that you stay on time.
  • Keep your presentation strictly within the timeframe given to you.
  • Keep your audience fully engaged by speaking to them directly; use examples; ask questions; make it visible.
  • Avoid reading from your slides. Use them as additional guidance for the attendees. 

Format Guidelines: 

  • Use captivating visuals that tell your story. Critical details, data, and analytics are more effectively emotionalized and metabolized by the listener when they’re embedded in a story. 
  • Avoid large blocks or bodies of text. 
  • 7x7 guideline: A maximum of seven words per line and seven lines per slide will improve the communication value of your slide,
  • Make fonts legible and use no more than 4 different types
    • Example: 
      • Size 44: Impact headline size  
      • Size 28: Headline size 
      • Size 24: Preferred text body size 
      • Size 22: Minimum size
  • Use high-contrast colors: Light text on a dark background or vice versa.
  • Provide reference sources in the case you’re quoting. 
  • Use enough slides to stay within your allotted time. It’s better to have more slides with less information on each slide, than fewer more detailed slides. You should have sufficient time to explain every slide without speaking too fast due to time pressure.

We appreciate your valuable contribution to the MLC Community. It is greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to meeting you. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Good luck with your presentation!